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The Prayer (Andrea Bocelli / Celine Dion)

Had a wonderful time last weekend coming up with a beautiful arrangement of The Prayer. Our string trio played our very own rendition of The Prayer as the walk-in piece to a wedding. Great song with powerful words!

I pray you’ll be our eyesAnd watch us where we goAnd help us to be wiseIn times when we don’t knowLet this be our prayerAs we go our wayLead us to a placeGuide us with your GraceTo a place where we’ll be safe  The piece for the Signing of Marriage Register was Cherish the Treasure (Steve Green), another touching song with powerful words! This is my favourite verse from this song. What a privilege to have our music be part of the moment when the ‘scared vow’ was made. cherish the treasure This sacred vow I make to youDoes not contain an “if”Though I’m aware that trials lie aheadI will love you and pray with youAnd through it all, I will stay with youOur home will be a refuge ofUnconditional love

National Library Board ASEAN Story Telling Night

13 July 2017

Grace Notes was privilege to be part of the NLB ASEAN Story Telling Night, part of a celebration for 50 years of ASEAN. We presented 4 songs from South East Asia. Di Tanjong Katong (Sg), Home (Sg), Trong Com (Vietnam) & Sing Sing So  (Indonesia). Our rendition of Sing Sing So is specially arranged for strings by an Indonesian musician/arranger that is based in Singapore.

Flags of ASEAN Countries

 Nine Countries from ASEAN

String Trio presenting songs from ASEAN.

Farewell to Alkaff Mansion

It's with some sadness as we bid farewell to Alkaff Mansion after serving there onsite as a string trio / duet for almost 3 years. We are indeed blessed to witness an amazing number of couples tying the knot and a variety of corporate events.

The reason is simple, the management decided not to continue with the lease after the initial term and on its last months, its saddening to see staff leaving progressively as they look for greener pastures. We wish all of them well. 

​I guess its best to leave you with some pictures of the memorable moments and let them tell the story for you.

Hands-on Bride @ Alkaff Mansion
Hands-on Bride @ Alkaff Mansion
Hands-on Bride @ Alkaff Mansion