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Although our roots started off as a string trio and quartet, we are able to offer more due to our extensive network of collaborators built up through the years.


String Duo/Duet

A string duo usually consist of a violin/cello combination and is a perfect combination for an intimate event or a regular event which is well-equipped with decent sound reinforcement equipment. The sound is exquisite and refined. Don't underestimate the power of simplicity and elegance.


String Trio

This combination featuring 2 violins and a cello provides an ideal setup for an intimate event where a full string quartet is not required or where space is a constraint. This offers a richer blend of sound and will benefit from a much broader repertoire range.


String Quartet

(Option with flute or voice)

This well-established setup featuring 2 violins, 1 viola and cello has been the standard for performances for most events through the years and for good reason. It offers a good blend of sound and has been the favorite mode of arrangements for most composers. You have the option to add in a few pieces of string quartet with flute to add a nice variety to music presented.


Flute with String Trio

This lesser known setup featuring 1 flute, 1 violin, 1 viola and cello is a gem that adds a refreshing touch. Its full beauty,waiting to be discovered, is a force to be reckon with. The flute blends well with the strings, bringing out the elegance of classical music. This flute with string trio set up at times may rival the popularity of the string quartet.


Acoustic Jazz Trio

(Resident Trio)

Jazz three piece set up consisting of violin, guitar or keyboard and electic bass. This jazz ensemble is nimble and budget friendly, without the need for drums and keyboard. Would you like a little Rhumba, Bossa and Swing? This ensemble will bring a jazzy touch to your event!

The Road To Live Music

If you are keen on our performance services, kindly include details of your event such as the date, time and venue so that we can check on our availability. If possible, a detailed schedule and how you want us to be involved is very much welcome if available.

Usually for such events, we play according to sets of music. Each set of music is roughly equivalent to 45-50 minutes of playing time with a break of 10-15 minutes in between sets. We would be glad to cater to your event needs as much as possible.